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Tel: 01274 410666

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Opening Times

The practice is open at the following times.

  • Monday – 08.00am to 18.00pm
  • Tuesday – 08.00am to 18.00pm
  • Wednesday – 08.00am to 18.00pm
  • Thursday – 08.00am to 18.00pm
  • Friday – 08.00am to 18.00pm
We are closed on the following dates for staff training, 1pm till 6pm. 


13th April 2022

11th May 2022 

8th June 2022 

13th July 2022 

10th August 2022 

14th September 2022 

12th October 2022

9th November 2022

14th December 2022



When we are closed

When we are closed you need to call the Out of Hours Service NHS 111 to speak to a triage nurse. Your needs will be assessed and advice offered or arrangements made for you to see a doctor.

Please do not ask to see a doctor out of hours unless you genuinely cannot wait until the surgery re-opens.

Call 999 in an emergency. Chest pains and/or shortness of breath constitute an emergency.