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Proposal to Merge Horton Bank Top Medical Practice with The Ridge Medical Practice

The patient consultation regarding the proposed merger between Horton Bank Practice and The Ridge is now closed.

Many thanks to all those patients who took their time to attend the meetings in person, gave feedback via the website link or in writing to the practice.

All your views, comments, suggestions and concerns have been noted and will be considered as part of this process.

We will update the patients of the practice regarding the outcome of the proposed merger once a decision has been made by the appropriate authorities.


Why do the practices want to merge?

GP practices have changed and developed a lot over recent years and there is a lot more care that is managed from the GP practice than there ever used to be. There are also a lot more rules and processes that need to be followed to meet the requirements of the NHS than there used to be. There is also a significant shortage of workforce (GPs, Nurses and support staff) at this time which makes recruiting new staff very hard. All this means that it is very hard for small GP practices to remain sustainable and effective in current times. Care can be more efficiently managed through a larger organisation that will ensure that access to services can be provided when it is needed.

Why are Horton Bank Top and The Ridge merging with each other?

The 2 practices are located close to each other and already work closely together. Over the last few years, GP practices have been working in groupings known as “Primary Care Networks” or PCNs. Horton Bank Top and The Ridge are in the same PCN (with three other local GP practices) so are already working together jointly on a number of areas. The GPs and leaders at both practices share the same values and approach to providing care for their patients and think that overall they can run a better GP practice as a combined organisation that will benefit all patients of both practices. 

What will the combined GP practice be called?

The practices will unite together under The Ridge Medical Practice name which will be retained.

Will any surgery building be closed?

No – the existing Horton Bank Top building on Great Horton Road will continue to operate as will all three of The Ridge surgeries at Great Horton, Wibsey & Buttershaw.

Will there be any changes to the services provided?

No – all the staff in both practices will remain, and all will continue to do the same work in the same places as they do now. You will still access care at the same place where you do now. Over time patients will be able to access care at any of our 4 locations should they choose to do so – for example, if it got you an appointment sooner or if you wanted to see a particular Doctor.

Will the phone numbers change?

No – patients will continue to call and access the GP surgery in the same way as they do now. Over time we may combine the 2 reception teams into a single team with a single phone number but this will only be done after further consultation with patients via the patient participation group.

What if I don’t want to stay registered with the new combined practice?

As a patient, you always have the choice of which GP surgery you choose to register with, as long as you live in their catchment area. You are of course free to register with an alternative practice in the locality.

Will it affect my prescriptions?

No, all your existing repeat medications will carry on as they do now and it will not affect your nominated pharmacy for collecting your medicines. 

We understand that making changes to local GP services can be unsettling, but we will make sure all patients have access to safe, high-quality patient care and we will do everything we can to make the change as seamless as possible should it go ahead.